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South Lake Union had historically been defined as the area of small industrial buildings and single story businesses located south of Denny Way and bounded on the North byRead more

A “native” is someone who grew up in the Northwest and has moss on their north side. The culture of another era was “as Boeing goes, so goes theRead more

A client contact via the Internet defined a specific real estate need in the Office and Industrial area. The company enjoyed a wild growth that exceeded its projections andRead more

Historically, Seattle Commercial Real Estate has been cyclical. It was the Boeing Bust that led to the famous sign on the freeway asking the last one leaving Seattle toRead more

Seattle Commercial Real Estate LLC closely follows the multi-family, office rental and commercial real estate industry in the greater Seattle marketplace. We note signs pointing in different directions andRead more

In the middle of an exceptionally warm summer in Seattle, we are also enjoying a stellar commercial real estate market. The City of Seattle alone anticipates completion of 50…Read more

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