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The joke in Seattle is that the crane is the new symbol of Seattle. We don’t mean Crane the Bird, but construction cranes. Seattle still leads the nation withRead more

In the movie, Forrest Gump offers the observation that “stupid is, as stupid does.” It doesn’t appear that the City Council of Seattle took this wisdom to heart. TheRead more

For years Seattle was known as a company town. The company was the Boeing Company and the town was known as the Jet City. Jets are still a vibrantRead more

One of Seattle Commercial Real Estate’s clients had approximately 100 leased retail locations in five states. Back in 2010, wide sweeping regulation and law changes went into effect thatRead more

Commercial Real Estate is cyclical. That is no revelation, but how we “play” the cycle is important and that is where the clients of Seattle Commercial Real Estate lookRead more

Seattle Commercial Real Estate has posted a series of articles recently dealing with close-in industrial real estate and the high demand for industrial uses close to the downtown Seattle commercialRead more

The face of Seattle Commercial Real Estate has forever been changed by the growth of local giants such as Amazon which owns, leases, or controls, about 27% of theRead more

Seattle Commercial Real Estate watches all markets carefully and one of the most dynamic is the demand for “Close-In” industrial real estate. That means within easy driving distance andRead more

Industrial real estate demand is exceedingly high for close-in locations. A huge amount of the existing inventory was acquired for redevelopment of the proposed new basketball/hockey complex in SoDoRead more

The Central Business District of downtown Seattle is evolving and changing with the advent of the $1.3 billion development of the new Convention and Trade Center. That is theRead more