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The Greater Seattle economy is closely tied to world trade. Any native from this area who goes back historically clearly remembers the cycles of boom and bust tied toRead more

In the movie, Forrest Gump offers the observation that “stupid is, as stupid does.” It doesn’t appear that the City Council of Seattle took this wisdom to heart. TheRead more

For years Seattle was known as a company town. The company was the Boeing Company and the town was known as the Jet City. Jets are still a vibrantRead more

We are now a month into 2018 and the professionals from Seattle Commercial Real Estate have been digesting the news from the experts. Now is the time when weRead more

Amazon continues to absorb Seattle office space at a huge rate. They are projected to occupy approximately 13 million square feet in the Seattle Headquarters by 2021. Seattle commercialRead more

Seattle’s office leasing market has grown to 81.3 Million square feet. The former Washington Mutual/Russell Investments Center Building sold to Mutual Life for three years ago for $115 MillionRead more

Seattle’s mass transit ridership rose faster than any other city in the United States for calendar 2017. Sound Transit’s ridership from 2015-2016 rose 23% making us eighth in theRead more

In our contentious environment there are initials and acronyms for everything. The latest is GAFA. This stands for Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple. The biggest fruit hanging on theRead more

The dynamics of health in the Seattle commercial real estate economy relate to the health of our overall economy. On this front, there has been some bad news forRead more

South Lake Union had historically been defined as the area of small industrial buildings and single story businesses located south of Denny Way and bounded on the North byRead more