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“Affordable” housing is a relative term. With the rapid increase in the costs of single-family housing in Seattle, alternative living spaces such as condominiums and high end multi-family housingRead more

As the professionals of Seattle Commercial Real Estate LLC started predicting a couple of years ago, mixed use rents have stabilized, fallen slightly and vacancies in our market areRead more

The City of Seattle Head Tax is intended to help solve the homeless problem. In previous articles we discussed the impact of governmental attempts to solve this issue, andRead more

In a recent article in the Puget Sound Business Journal the dynamics of the growth in Bothell industrial and Tech/Flex real estate was hi-lighted. At the same time Amazon asRead more

The new catch phrase in multi-family development is TOD (Transit Oriented Development). In a recent article (link to above article) Seattle Commercial Real Estate pointed out the case studyRead more

America of the 50’s was a car in your garage and a house of your own. Today’s growth in Seattle commercial real estate has spawned a new series ofRead more

The face of Seattle Commercial Real Estate has forever been changed by the growth of local giants such as Amazon which owns, leases, or controls, about 27% of theRead more

In the 1970’s, a wave in Canadian investors and developers, financed by their banking system, invaded Greater Seattle. At the same time, the banking industry in the United StatesRead more

The Central Business District of downtown Seattle is evolving and changing with the advent of the $1.3 billion development of the new Convention and Trade Center. That is theRead more

In a recent article, Seattle Commercial Real Estate talked about the 27,000 multifamily  units under construction or contemplated in Seattle. We pointed out the strong demand and the factRead more