Whether you are a seasoned investor in the Seattle commercial real estate world or you are looking for investment opportunities to broaden your portfolio, we can help you, find properties suited to your interests and structure deals to reduce risk and maximize income and growth opportunities. We have helped investors secure great commercial, multi-family residential and industrial property investments throughout the Greater Seattle area.

We invite you to call us at (206) 625-6941 regarding our investment services or the Seattle real estate investment market.

Our real estate investment services include:


  •  An “opinion of value” based upon the combination of over 150 years of combined real estate experience and market knowledge has historically been borne out subsequent sales, leasing services  and appraisals

Transaction structure

  • The issues presented in structure are most often a function of the availability of traditional financing in the market place and the client’s cash and risk tolerance.
  • Creative solutions are not the norm in the real estate industry. We approach all issues with the clear intent of solving the problem


  •   We prefer to recommend professional management for larger projects and our historical relationships provide viable alternatives for the consideration of our clients.
  • We will lend our knowledge and expertise to those projects in which the principals of the company often invest

Portfolio Services

  • We evaluate each client’s needs and wants as it relates to length of leases, types of properties for investment portfolios, equity, debt structure, cash reserves, and lease length, etc.
  • We use a concept called “Actual Cash Reserve” with our investors. In this concept we suggest that each property must stand on its own merits as if this was the sole asset of the client. We encourage our client to mitigate risk by retaining an Actual Cash Reserve equal to one year’s principal, interest, taxes, and insurance in a set-aside account for leased investment properties. This concept helps mitigate the risks of vacancy, sudden repairs, and other hazards of property ownership that investors may fall into with the windfall of regular cash flow. This mitigates against real estate cycles and macro economic risks in the larger US and international economic worlds.